SOUNET TECHNOLOGIES is a professional supplier of electronic component. A reliable source for INTEGRATE CIRCUITS, With 10 years of sales experience, we became the sole agent and distributor of well-known IC supplier in China.We specialize in integrate circuits, resistors, capacitors, tantalum capacitor and triode,, also help distributor searching for hard-to find &obsolete parts.

We are members of BROKERFORUM, HK INVENTORY & ICSOURCE for more than 3 years , we don not cheat anyone and strive to conduct our business in fair and honest manner. Our GOOD REFERENCE will attest to this.

With the broad market channel & professional technical support, Sounet Technologies Ltd. pursues to supply it valued customers with super before or after sales service, good quality, favourable & reasonable price and more updated & improved products.

YOUR INQUIRY IS WELCOME. BUSINESS MAIL: quote@sounet.com.cn Call: +86.755.83752589
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